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Terms and Condition


Excluding crew, transport, (tape) material / content, engineering provisions, truss & rigging and power supply, unless already mentioned in the quotation.


Rental of the equipment and crew is subject to our General Terms of Delivery and Payment of Fifteen O Seven dot Media.


For the equipment we require an air-conditioned and secure location for operating and storage, from the moment the equipment arrives on location until the moment the equipment is being collected by Fifteen O Seven dot Media.


Prices regarding personnel are based on a maximum of 10 working hours per day, including the regular break timings for food and beverage.

If the Client requires the assigned personnel for a longer period, the Client shall compensate these hours in full, according to the written mutual agreement. This mutual agreement should be agreed and signed before the actual period starts. Client shall ensure that all statutory provisions regarding working conditions and working hours will be complied.


Equipment is rented out to the client at their expenses. Client is required to insure the equipment for the time the equipment is on location.

Laser Beams

The sensors/chips of cameras and projectors may suffer damage if the lens is subject to light from a laser beam. Therefor it is never allowed to shine laser beams directly on the lens, client will be held responsible for any damage to the camera or projector.

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