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Exclusive Dealerships

We are the proud exclusive local dealers of Green-Go Digital intercom systems, NewTek devices, and Holobox hologram video calls.


Green-GO is a cost-effective, multi-award winning, digital intercom over Ethernet, that uses a unique design concept to create complex communication systems suitable for small to large scale events and broadcasters. It is also suitable for building simple, expandable, systems for projects with less stringent technical requirements or tighter budgets. With this system, Green-Go have produced the first affordable way to enter the world of digital intercoms, with its many benefits. 


NewTek, Inc. produces live and post-production video tools and visual imaging software catered towards the events and broadcast industry. They are the company behind Tricaster systems and the developer of the industry-standard NDI technology for IP-based video distribution.


Holobox is a technology that brings hologram communication to reality. It is a holographic experience that will amaze you. With the Holobox we realize a realistic representation of people, with a live connection or pre-recorded.

Using holograms becomes accessible and simple with the Holobox.



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