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Fifteen O⁷ is internationally recognized as a production house for cultural, stadium, festival, fashion, TV, touring and corporate productions. In 2012, Fifteen O⁷ was founded in Qatar by Mike van de Sande who has a track record of more than 30 years in the event and production industry. Fifteen O⁷ offers a comprehensive range of services for your event, tv- commercial, corporate film or any other special event of any size. Fifteen O⁷ together with his owner, crew, freelancers and partners has performed on the world’s largest stages, for the world’s biggest events and video/film productions.

Our resume is the who’s who of clients, events and productions. Along with the best creative and technical directors, engineers and assistants we offer the Turn Key Solution & Support to ensure & guarantee the highest quality of Delivery, Safety & Performance as we go beyond the pure management realm into complete production on each request.  After 10 years, with around 94 returning clients, the company is still growing and expending his businesses to newer markets and investing in the latest technologies. We can proudly announce that we just opened a new office in The Netherlands, being operational on the 1st of September 2018. Showreel Showreel

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